Welcome to the Snufkin Studio Production House. We provide comprehensive film production, from concept to broadcast in the Internet, TV, or Cinema.

Our Offer

We will film ... whatever you want. We know on this - we have a lot of experience in in film, television and advertising. We know how to carry you through the whole implementation process - from idea to production - and make a delightful film for reasonable money. With extensive contacts in the industry and cooperation with major players in the media market in Poland, we are able to realize any form of film, the idea of ​​a simple or spectacular ... It's impossible to tell. This is a must see!



advertising films

We create advertising spots for television and the Internet to promote products, services, companies and individuals. 30 seconds is contrary to appearances, a very long time. We know how well you use it.


film Editing

We have four fully equipped montażowniami in the center of Warsaw. In each of them we can assemble almost everything from a short cutscene of the event, after a several-hour feature film in 4K quality.


press kit

We create press materials promoting Polish and foreign films. We also movie trailers and self-promotional material for TV stations. Let us help you in this matter.



We create short documentaries, such as the relationship of the event, "making of" documentary about the EU projects. We also feature original projects. Premieres soon!


animated movie

The film, which does not use the camera - all created by professional graphic programs. Presentations medical, explainer video, or case study competition for your agency is our specialty.



We recordings and photographs from the air, in professional quality. Our services are used by, among others, film industry and surveying. We have the power and air VLOS BVLOS.Dysponujemy two drones: DJI Inspire DJI Phantom 1 and 4.

About Us

We love movies forever. This love led us to film school in Lodz and Warsaw. With his passion began life in 2007, when it created Snufkin Studio - Włóczykij is close to us, because the whole world belongs to him and he is able to keep the distance and choose the most interesting, non-obvious way to their destination. And that is creating movies - one of a kind.


Marceli Gawryś

Marceli Gawryś

CEO / Producer / Operator

Founder of Snufkin Studio. A graduate of the National Film School in Lodz. The director, cameraman and producer. The head, which motivates the team to work his cheerful personality. At the same time conscientious and responsible. Tata Cosmas. It is with him contacting phoning the number on the phone.


Michał Biliński

Michał Biliński

Director / Editor

Graduate of the Warsaw School of Film Directing. The director and editor. A compulsive looker films, most smiling man on a movie set, quick and conscientious. She loves cinema dynamic, with a strong emotional charge. He appreciated and rewarded, is currently working on his feature debut.


Michał Puchalski

Michał Puchalski

Cameraman, photographer

Puchal is his nickname, lenses are his life. Better to see the world through the viewfinder than the naked eye. Quiet and calm, but has nerves of steel: without batting an eye record blasting the car, put under a tank ... All for a good shot!


Mateusz Golis

Mateusz Golis

Camera Operator

A graduate of the Faculty of Radio and Television University in Katowice. Serene and calm, always focused on his work. He has legs made of steel. 14 hours standing up for him warm. She likes colorful pants.


Paweł Kostowski

Paweł Kostowski

GFX / 3D / 2D / Motion Design / Editing

A graduate of the Academy of Film and Television in Warsaw. He knows what's good for the customer. Recognizes expectations before read the brief. In his spare time runs a blog about cartoons.


Wojtek Polak

Wojtek Polak

GFX / 3D / 2D / Motion Design

A graduate of the Lodz Academy of Fine Arts. New media for him bread. Calm, focused on their professional work. Overcoming flights Żoliboża roundabout UN takes him four minutes, as the moves on a sharp wheel. In other words - a Pro!



Let us record a movie that will meet your expectations.





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